– Locally Sourced –

Feinkost Meat & Cheese board $14

A diverse and delicious plate perfect for sharing. Featuring cheeses from Meister Foods + meats from J & J Meats and Nonno Joe's Meats; accompanied by crunchy garlic pickles from Wake Robin Foods + a savory mustard by Learned Steel Mustards. 

Frickaccio's garlic knots $8

A West Side market favorite. Delicious flaky and buttery goodness perfectly paired with Learned Steel Mustards.

Frickaccio's Bavarian Pretzels $8

Made special just for us. Great to share. These soft, warm and savory pretzels pair well with our European–style beers. Served with Garlic Herb Cheese Spread from our friends at Meister Foods.


Renowned West Side market vendor J & J Meats flavorful cheddar bratwurst served with potato chips + Wake Robin Foods garlic pickles. 

Brauer's Paar $8

A little something special to snack on – crispy pretzel sticks + mild swiss cheese + crunchy Wake Robin Foods Garlic Pickles paired with the savory House Mustard by Learned Steel Condiments.


Creamy chick pea goodness paired with crispy pita chips. Always a winner – and enough for two to share.

BYOB – Bring your own BITES

You're welcome to bring in your own food. The ever famous West Side Market is located right up the street. Pizza and Italian food is available down that hill at Sainato's (they even deliver). 

Proud to support the West Side Market + vendors.
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– Hand Crafted Sodas –

Boylan bottle Co. hand Crafted soda $3

Cane Cola · Diet Cola · Root Beer · Birch Beer · Shirley Temple · Sparkling Cider

Wash down our Bites with a Boylan hand crafted soda.

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