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Hayduke Saison
Papa's Pancake Porter
Opening Day IPA
Piper Rue Pale Ale
ImPeachMint Russian Imperial Stout
Tomahawk Tripel
Duck Island Amber

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Duck Island Cocktails Hard Lemonade
Western Reserve Mead Dry Hopped Apricot

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A malty pale ale brewed with English and American malts, featuring El Dorado hops. El Dorado is an exceptional new dual purpose hop with both high Alpha Acid and intense flavors and aromas. This hop has bright tropical fruit flavors and aromas of pear, watermelon, and stone fruit. Named after the Atlantic Beer Garden, which operated on the property from 1865-1915. (ABV: 5.3%  /  IBU: 348)


This beer is named after Shoeless Joe Jackson’s primary bat. Betsy is brewed with classic hops (Columbus, Chinook, Cascade) paired with a stout-like malt bill making this beer a balanced and flavorful home run! (ABV: 5.6%  /  IBU: 68)

DuCK RABBIT COFFEE PORTER                   

A collaborative beer with our friends at Duck Rabbit Coffee.  A subtle porter base blended with cold press coffee letting the hand-roasted South American beans from Duck Rabbit shine. (ABV: 5.3%  /  IBU: 35)


Crafted from American ingredients, this deep copper ale is anchored by a strong malt backbone containing subtly delicious hints of caramel and fruit. This Forest City staple has a medium intensity hop flavor with citrus hop notes. A frothy headed classic that is sure to find its’ way into your stomach and into your cooler! (ABV: 6%  /  IBU: 40)


A sessionable summer time brew that is fruity with hints of peppercorn, rustic and grassy French hop aromas. Belgian yeast strains, aromatic French Strisselspalt hops and rye and wheat adjuncts converge to form a sophisticated flavor experience. Light and cloudy appearance, dry and crisp finish. Spice and citrus flavors highlight this brew. Those that indulge will find this beer slightly more bitter than a traditional saison, but equally flavorful and enjoyable to consume. (ABV 6.4%  /  IBU: 35 )


Brewed in the tradition of a true Irish Stout, this jet black beauty bounds with strong roasted malt bitterness and notes of dark chocolate. The low acid, highly aromatic English noble hops impart a medium hop intensity. Oats used in the mash create a nice, smooth creamy body and a thick tan head to round out this creation. A fantastic full bodied drinking experience. Fill up your belly with Furbelly! (ABV: 4.5%  /  IBU: 22)


This beer was brewed and named for our Brewer Luke’s sister Fiona, who is gluten-free.  A pale ale brewed with locally harvested honey, sorghum and beet sugar and hopped with Mosaic and Citra. (ABV: 5.8%  /  IBU: 30)


Hoppier Kolsch brewed with new German Hull Melons with distinct fruit characteristics that include honeydew melon and strawberry. (ABV: 5.1%  /  IBU: 22)


The perfect autumn beer! A full bodied seasonal brew with pumpkin sweetness and aromatic notes of allspice, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. Brewed with German Pale and Dark Munich malts creating nice deep, rich color profile. (ABV: 8.2%  /  IBU: 15)

“ImPeachMint” Russian Imperial Stout

This Russian Imperial Stout colludes with peaches (sourced from organic Russian troll farms) and conspires with mint (very classy), giving a non-obstructive flavor and finish. At 10% abv, it’s sure to warm you up during those stormy nights. Limited edition brew: It would be a crime to wait. (ABV: 10%  /  IBU: 60 )

MAIDE LIESG SCOTch ALE                         

Our Wee Heavy is a malt-forward strong ale named after a Highland Game. (ABV: 8.3%  /  IBU: 15)

One arm daily cream ale

Our light and refreshing lager is perfect for a ball game or a day on the golf course. Named after legendary Cleveland Blues pitcher Hugh “One Arm” Daily – a half arm’ed wonder – he held the MLB record for strikeouts in a game at 20, until Roger Clemens tied it in 1986.  (5.6% ABV  /  16 IBU)


This flavorsome and balanced India Pale Ale is loaded with Mosaic and Citra hops offering a luscious amount of citrus and tropical fruit taste with an earthy, floral and fruity aroma. (ABV: 7.1%  /  IBU:62)


Shinny refers to “pond-hockey” or “street hockey”. This Quad will warm you up after a game on the pond with its 10% ABV and its all-spice and clove addition. Cheers!  (ABV: 10.3%  /  IBU:22)


A specialty ale that is German rye crafted with the medieval German tradition in mind, using German rye and Vienna malts. Mildly hopped to allow the dry, spicy character of the rye to stand out. (ABV: 5.3%  /  IBU: 18)


The perfect porter. Deliciously nutty and slightly smokey, highlighted by copious amounts of chocolate and sweetly toasted coconut. (ABV: 5.4%  /  IBU: 28) 

St. Wendelin Wheat

Named after our neighbor – St. Wendelin Catholic Church, founded in 1903. This refreshing, perfectly balanced wheat beer combines German malts and hops with American wheat. (ABV: 5.8%  /  IBU: 16)

TIAGA Russian Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels

Named after the largest coniferous evergreen forest on the Earth (Tiaga) that begins where the tundra ends, this FCB Stout reflects our region's size and magnitude. Going through an additional barrel fermentation with black strap molasses in bourbon barrels, and aged for 3 months giving it a big, yet balanced, alcohol character with notes of bourbon and dark fruits with a dry finish. (ABV: 10%)

Tomahawk Tripel

Named after a local, Hall of Fame worthy, softball legend, this Tripel is a true to style beer made with a variety of Belgian malts, four hop varietals and fermented with Abbaye yeast. (ABV: 8%  /  IBU: 28)

Wileyville Extra Special Bitter

A well balanced English style bitter brewed with caramel malts. (ABV: 6.5%  /  IBU: 44)


A unique spin on a traditional Bavarian classic, this rich and complex brew was prepared using wheat malts and German noble hops. This dark wheat beer is smooth like a Dunkel, but has a nice flavor profile of clove, banana and chocolate. Fuller bodied, yet surprisingly light, get ready to feel like you are sitting in a beer hall in Munich!  (ABV: 4.5%  /  IBU: 30)


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